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ESD Mission

Empowering Individuals through Mentoring & Coaching

College Prep
Community Service

Cultural Awareness
Skills Assessment
Mental Health & Safety
Life Skills


Early Start Development is a community based organization (501c3) designed to support individuals through mentoring and coaching. 

Early Start Development's vision is to build community partnerships and collaborations to assist in the re-building of the community village to support individuals by fostering, encouraging critical and creative thinking and solutions, leadership development, high performance techniques, and business etiquette through involvement with life coaches, mentors, workshops, seminars, and hands-on learning activities.

ESD can operate as an after school program starting with first graders and up, or through monthly activities (Saturday programming) and club meetings in and around the Houston, Texas area, through training's and events in various cities as requested, and virtually everywhere.

ESD guiding values are essential in the foundation of the village:

  • ESD defines our village as individuals between the ages of 6 and up needing development, support, and encouragement through coaching and mentoring.

  • ESD provides appropriate certified and qualified mentors and coaches who love to empower individuals in this age group and are committed to the development of the individual's skills and abilities to succeed. We push you to perform and meet expectations after we have conducted an intensive assessment of what you want to do, what you can do, and where you choose to go.

  • ESD believes that most humans learn only when they have to and learn best by doing, entrepreneurial thinking, hands-on, and when encouraged and supported. ESD encourages you to develop a personal leadership plan to keep you on track.

  • ESD provides activities, training, and development opportunities to promote problem solving, critical thinking, artistic and academic enhancement, confidence, and awareness while reaching into the passion and motivation of the individual's spirit and purpose.



ONYX Mentors and Volunteers

PEARLS Mentors and Volunteers

Leadership Institute Mentors and Volunteers


Business Manager

Program Manager(s)

Manager of School Partnerships - Mentoring Programs


Manager(s) of Community Relations and Outreach 

Social Media Coordinator 








Lisa Harrington

Kellie N. Brown

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Monica Garcia

Sassy Girls Designs

Kelcy Crumes

Property Tax Advisors

Angela Sewell

Fluor Corporation
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Position Open


Rhonda Frost

Flame to Success
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Vanessa Jones

Healing Minds Mentoring & Coaching
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