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Upcoming Events and Sessions

ESD Pearls of Wisdom 

Mamas Tea Initiative (TM)

Ladies working together to strengthen their villages through conversation, support, community service, sharing of resources, guidance, and empowerment. Membership group with monthly virtual and face-to-face conversations and activities. 

Group Begins: September

Group Annual Leadership Retreat: March

Eligibility: Ladies 21 yrs and up

Commitment: Min. 3 months

Annual Membership Fee: $50

Early Start Development
Incorporated (TM) 


ONYX Real Talk Real Issues (TM)

Young men come together for Real Talk about Real Issues in the ONYX Mentoring Program. Discussions led by mentors and special facilitators and guest. Real Talk Real Issues is a virtual and face-to-face conversation and brings awareness, responsibility, confidence, and character building among young men participating in the mentoring program ages 3rd-12 grades. As some conversations get deep in subject matter, groups are broken up by age for more appropriate (age) discussion on the specific subject matter.

Next Face-to-Face Session Begins: 2023; Lunch provided 12:30pm 

Eligibility: Must be a member of the ONYX Mentoring Program to participate



Volunteer Orientation

In our new way of life, we are moving all Volunteer Orientations online effective June 2022. 

PEARLS Mentoring - A Purse for PEARLS (Community Service) (TM)

PEARLS Mentoring - Put Your Dream to the Test Seminar​​

PEARLS Mentoring - Aspire to Empower Mindset Group (TM)

Twice a year the PEARLS Mentoring Program collects slightly used purses or backpacks that are filled with necessities for homeless females ranging from ages 3-18. We look for volunteers to help us collect and distribute purses to homeless females in the area. This is an excellent project for school groups to support our endeavors in the PEARLS for GIRLS Initiative. ​

The PEARLS for Girls Initiative also provides outreach support and mentoring to homeless females, seniors, single parents, and struggling college students adding-value to their lives through uplifting encouragement, resources, one-on-one mentoring, gifts of love, and invited activities.

This seminar is based on the popular book by John C. Maxwell, Put Your Dream To The Test, 10 questions that will help you see it and seize it. Participants explore Clarity, Reality, Purpose, Passion, People and more during a training seminar held virtually and face-to-face, over 2 Saturday's, and during some school breaks. 

Next Session (Middle School Students)

An Evening of Purpose and Dreams

Fun filled evening with snacks, activity, and learning on Purpose and Dreams - Putting Your Dreams to the Test

Aspire to Empower Mindset Group is held monthly for the PEARLS Mentoring Program designed to inspire, reflect, encourage, and motivate females of all ages to push forward through activities, discussions, and speakers. Meetings are held by PEARLS designated groups such as Pearls in Training, and/or Ladies of Pearls.

This mindset group is free for members

ONYX Mentoring - Real Talk, Real Issues (TM)

ONYX Mentoring - Who Am I (TM)

ESD Leadership Institute

The ONYX Mentoring monthly meetings deal with Real Talk and Real Issues around, Business, Family, Education, Economics, Entertainment, Race, Life, Health, Employment and much more.  Real Talk, Real Issues is a group mentoring session empowering and thought provoking for males in grades 3rd-12th. To participate in this invigorating discussion, you must be a member of the ONYX Mentoring Program.​ Real Talk, Real Issues Discussion 

We are stronger, and more confident when we know from which we came. This monthly virtual session is simply a genealogical project to allow males in the program to research and explore their history - family and cultural history, along with a historic journey into the lives of powerful men who have paved the way in the fields of architecture, science, business, politics, and more.

Included in this process of Who Am I is guest speakers on history, cultural awareness, ethics, diversity, preservation of community landmarks and artifacts. 

Next session begins July 2023; Middle and Highschool students.

ESD works with students in educating about business basics, soft skills, leadership, and organization operations. Students receive tools, supplies, and learning materials to help them develop a business, learn about various areas of business including doing taxes, establishing and maintaining a bank account, saving and investing (stocks), working in teams, leading through challenges, strategies for dealing with stress, skills/career assessments, leadership building through community service, and much more. The ESD Leadership Institute participants meet monthly each semester (Saturday's 2 Hours) (Sept- May), or students can participate in our Virtual 4-day summer camp (July). Students must be a member of the ONYX or PEARLS Mentoring Programs.

Next session begins for 4th-7th grades September 2023/11:00pm-1:30pm Lunch provided. (Humble/Spring/North Houston)

Registration fee includes Jan-April Meetings, workshops/discussions, training materials, and lunch.

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Virtual Mentoring - All Program Access

Early Start Development - Young Adult Advisory Council

Early Start Development- Partnerships

Details coming soon

The Early Start Development (ESD) Young Adult Advisory Council is a youth executive leadership training program designed to offer young adults in at least the 6th grade up to their first year in college, hands-on applications to business work while receiving community service or internship credit at their prospective schools. 

The ESD Young Adult Advisory Council (Y.A.C.) was established as a non-paid advisory committee to involve youth perspectives in carrying out the mission of  ESD in empowering youth and their families, and learning the structure, processes, and framework of corporate businesses. The ESD Young Adult Advisory Council will help ensure ESD’s activities and programs incorporate the genuine needs of at-risk youth and their families.

Now recruiting for 2024

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