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Positive, Empowering, Aspiring, Responsible, Leaders, with a Shared Vision (Sisterhood)

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PEARLS Mission

The P.E.A.R.L.S. Mentoring Program influences females in every area of their life. Females involved in the PEARLS Mentoring process are engaged in the process of becoming women who understand and embrace their purpose and influence on life personally, professionally, spiritually, and the significant role and value of community.

The PEARLS pillars of purpose are significant in how the ladies involved uphold importance in their lives, community, and everyday commitment in helping others. PEARLS pillars: Positivity, Empowerment, Aspiration, Responsibility, Leadership, and Sisterhood. ESD PEARLS Mentoring Program is for females passionate about working together to build a stronger and empowering network of sisterhood who are equipped and ready to make a difference personally, professionally, physically, and spiritually.

The PEARLS Mentoring Program face-to-face component accepts no more than 65 females each session. A waiting list is provided once we reach the 65 females, and you have the choice to participate in the e-mentoring component until a space opens for face-to-face mentoring. Participants involved in the PEARLS process of mentoring and coaching can join in-person or virtually through our e-mentoring component while still signing up for in-person activities as desired. In fact, there are many participants who choose the e-mentoring component but participate in-person for the Tea Parties, Leading Ladies Leadership Summit, and the Young Women’s Business Conference. So, you determine how often, and what you would like to be involved in to support your development mentoring and coaching plan toward a successful, engaging, you! We have a calendar full of possibilities for you to choose from during the 9 month commitment.

The PEARLS Mentoring process begins internally with the foundation of self (loving you, appreciating you, finding your inner you) and cultural history (from which you came- to appreciate where you are going), and extends externally with the identification of developing professional aptitude (your purpose, your skill set, your life shift and how it all fits in where you are going), and community empowerment. Early Start Development believes the difference we make in ourselves guides us to help others make a difference, promote life learning, knowledge sharing, and mentoring through women in leadership and purpose.


Building a Network of Influence and Empowering Females - PEARLS Luster:

  • To coach the development of short and long-term goals, critical and strategic thinking

  • To foster healthy and safe relationships

  • To improve females self-image, respect, core values, and self-confidence

  • To provide opportunities for employment networking, skill building, and life transitions

  • To broker-in resources to support personal, professional, spiritual, and academic endeavors

  • To foster the significance of community awareness and service

  • To promote and foster service and entrepreneurial thinking

  • To build a network of sisterhood, unity, collaboration, and shared resources

  • To engage in awareness around the fields of Science, Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Health

  • To empower, encourage, and support females in dreaming and meeting goals

PEARLS Sisterhood:

PEARLS in Training             Grades 1-7                                       

PEARLS of Distinction         Grades 8-11

Ladies of PEARLS                  12th Grade - College Students

PEARLS of Wisdom               30 yrs. and up- Females Supporting Mentoring                                     





A different box of goodies and gifts each month delivered to your door

PEARLS Activities

Our activities include some of the following events, trainings, and mentoring sessions (designed to adjust - age appropriately)

Tea Party Networking         


A Purse for PEARLS - Community Service Initiative for the Homeless 

PEARLS Leading Ladies Leadership and Career Summit 

Monthly Self-Empowerment Workshops    

Young Women's Business Conference        

PEARLS for Girls Street Outreach 

Aspire to Empower Mentor Mindset Sessions

Girls R Techy 2  and Business Orientation Camps        

Entrepreneurship Symposium

PEARLS in Business Mindset Group

7 PEARLS of Wisdom Retreat     

Quilting for the Soul Seminar Series

Monthly Meetings

Monthly Coaching Webinars 

Virtual Book Club (Teleconference)    

Internship, Apprenticeship, and Volunteer Fair (High Sch - College)

PEARLS Who Am I Series  

Life Skills - Home Econ.

Membership and Volunteer

To become a mentor involves the following process:


  1. Must be at least 18 years of age (for mentoring middle school students)

  2. Complete a volunteer application

  3. Face-to-Face Interview

  4. Complete a background check

  5. Sign a commitment form - must be willing to commit 2-4 hours a week/min of a year to mentoring

  6. Submit a copy of your driver's license

  7. Reference Check

  8. Attend a mentor orientation

  9. Commit to attend 12 hours of training during the year on Positive Youth Development Strategies (does not include initial orientation)

Benefits of membership: 

  1. Empowering Monthly Group Mentor Sessions - Aspire to Empower Mindset

  2. Monthly coaching webinars designed to provide powerful pearls of knowledge

  3. Caliber networking with peers

  4. 25% discount on retreats, camps, conferences, and symposiums

  5. I Am PEARLS Swag Bag

  6. Monthly PEARLS Empower Newsletter

  7. Quarterly Community Service Activities

  8. Free Admission - Leadership Retreat

  9. Free Admission - Volunteer/Internship Job Fair

  10. Free Admission - Mother's & Daughters Brunch

  11. Quarterly Tea Party Knowledge & Networking 

  12. Empowering Book Club Reading

  13. and much more


Volunteer Application

Sponsorship Application

eMentoring: Mentor Sign Up Form

The Mentor Effect, The National Mentoring Partnership (Pdf)

Partner w/PEARLS for Afterschool Programming

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